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the next experiment
17th-century poets, 2pwg slash, aeryn sun, alias, alternate universes, angel, apples, aramir, aubrey/maturin, australian actors, b7, battlestar galactica, being brian kinney, bruce/dick, bruce/lex, bruce/selina, btvs, buffy, buffy/faith, chess, children's literature, comic books, cowboy bebop, crais/aeryn, darkover, darla, dead time lord girlfriend, dreaming the dark, dylan/tyr, earthsea, editing, epistemology, equilibrium, evil telepaths, f/f, fairy tales, faith the vampire slayer, faith/wesley, fan fiction, fandom, fanged four, farscape, feminism, femslash, firefly, five things, frost, genre fiction, giles love, gilmore girls, highlander, his dark materials, historical fantasy, irina derevko, jack/irina, jeremiah, jeremiah/markus, jude law's mouth, keen eddie, language, libraries, light, literary criticism, logic, magic, making lists, mal/inara, margaret atwood, master and commander, meaning, melodrama, meta, metaphor, methos, mia kirshner, miss parker, mixes, musicals, mythology, names, new justice league episodes, nightwing/huntress, nip/tuck, old zines, ot3s, palace intrigue, philosophy, pirates, poetry, pop culture, power dynamics, pragmatism, procrastination, quotes, reading, recs, religion, rhetoric, romance novels, sark/tom quinn, science fiction, shakespeare films, sharpe crossovers, shopping, sirius/remus, six feet under, skye, slash, slash theory, slashing soap operas, sleeping, songvids, sparrington, sports night, spydaddy, subtext, sunglasses, susan ivanova, sushi, tailsmut, taking long baths, television, tess/isabel, the white queen, there were these twins, tim bayliss, undead prostitutes, vanilla, venus in furs, vidding, wesley wyndam-pryce, witchblade, women, writing, x-men


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